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We have to do the work!

Unlocking the “E” in DEIB.

I’m grateful for my growth and development in the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging space (DEIB). I’m learning so much about how many organizations are performative in their diversity efforts. Meaning, people of color continue to be hired just to check-the-box or meet diversity representation goals - without any thought given to inclusion or belonging. We have to do the work of dismantling systemic barriers and privileges that produce disparate experiences of inclusion. Without advocacy, action, and accountability institutional racism persists.

“Systemic disparities must be addressed in order for employees from historically marginalized backgrounds to experience all three forms of fairness at work: distributive (outcomes), procedural (how decisions are made) and interactional (interpersonal treatment and informational)”. -Dr. Lisa Nishii, Faculty & Vice Provost, Cornell University.

Bottom line: People, we must do the work! Correcting injustices and dismantling racially entrenched ideas, systems and structures is a collective responsibility.

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