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What is Executive Coaching?

Simply put, executive coaching is leadership development for leaders. In this ever-changing volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, executives live hurried lives. They are expected to set the tone, rhythm and culture of organizations and must achieve the organization’s goals with great speed, agility, and political savvy. Working with an executive coach can provide much-needed support to help the busy executive define, focus, prioritize, level-up and change how they show up! Coaching, by its very nature, transforms and is a conduit for behavior change. One-on-one executive coaching helps executives set and achieve goals towards performance improvement in a non-judgmental, psychologically safe, and supportive environment co-created with a skilled expert. Call us today for a sample session!

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Increases self-awareness, goal attainment and professional success

  • Enables behavior change and forward movement

  • Improves soft skills: listening, emotional intelligence, team building

  • Investments in coaching yields demonstrated cost-savings, better execution of work and improved time-management

  • Leaders can more effectively lead organizational change



Harvard Business Review (2021) Leaders Need Professional Coaching Now More than Ever

Forbes: 14 Specific Ways to Show Clients the ROI of Coaching Services

Shenita is a POWERHOUSE. I spoke with Shenita prior to our first coaching session, and that one conversation helped me go from being completely stuck to making some major headway in my business. I walked away from each coaching session with clarity and a list of new and exciting action items to keep moving my business forward. I greatly appreciate Shenita's strength and confidence, and what I find equally impressive is how compassionate and kind she is. 

B. Meoska, MSE, ICF-PCC
Health, Fitness & Wellness Expert
CEO, PiYo with Britt

Whether you have the tools and need to talk with an experienced strategic advisor, consultant or thought-partner, OR need the support to get started, we'd love to help.

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