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Client Profile

human resources advisory and consulting

Elliot Regenstein, JD

Senior Partner
Foresight Law + Policy

“Our small firm is expanding, and we realized we needed job descriptions for our growing staff. Shenita quickly responded to our need. She reviewed our materials, talked to our staff, and rapidly developed job descriptions that met our needs. Shenita is not just timely and professional, she’s a pleasure to work with. She delivered what expected and we look forward to working with her again!”

Client Profile

business coaching and consulting

Brittany Meoka, MSE, CPCC, PCC

Wellness Expert, Entrepreneur, Professional Coach 

“Shenita is a POWERHOUSE. I spoke with Shenita prior to our first coaching session, and that one conversation helped me go from being completely stuck to making some major headway in my business. I walked away from each coaching session with clarity and a list of new and exciting action items to keep moving my business forward.

I greatly appreciate Shenita's strength and confidence, and what I find equally impressive is how compassionate and kind she is. She is an excellent listener and asks the right questions. Additionally, she has brilliant ideas. She is equipped with tools, strategies, and resources that will help you take massive action. If you are looking for a powerful coach to help you reach your life and business goals, look no further. Shenita Brokenburr is a FORCE.”

Client Profile

leadership coaching, strategic advising, mentoring

Tanesha Herman, MBA

Senior HR Director
University of Iowa Graduate College

“I had the pleasure of working with Shenita as I transitioned into my new HR Director role. The advice, resources, support, mentorship and guidance she gave me during our coaching sessions is invaluable. I appreciate her coaching me through some tough situations within my org and being very patient, straight forward and thoughtful in her approach. I'm convinced that provided me with the confidence to fully step into my leadership role and become a better strategic partner for my Org. She helped me realize my potential not only in this position but beyond. I am forever grateful for her guidance and support and would highly recommend her as a great resource for anyone who needs any kind of career coaching.”

Client Profile

leadership coaching, strategic advising, mentoring

Karrenthya Simmons, MBA

Audit and Risk Management Professional
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

“Shenita has helped me throughout my career by providing mentorship, coaching, and guidance as a professional. It is from her assistance as my Coach, that I have been able to focus on areas for development as a professional as well as refine my strengths. It is from her credentials as an HR professional that I am able to trust the advice she provides me as a Coach. I also know from our interactions that Shenita has a gift for helping others develop themselves. I would personally recommendation Shenita as a career coach and thought partner for anyone who is seeking to enhance themselves and develop their career..”

Client Profile

strategic thought-partnership, consulting

Cyndi  Wentland, MBA

Owner, Intentionaleaders

“Shenita walks in excellence. I’ve had the pleasure and honor to partner with her on several learning initiatives and her vision and values permeate everything she does. Shenita’s ability to operate at an extremely high level, while also focusing on the myriad of details that make an experience successful is nothing short of phenomenal. This alignment of strategy and actions makes her a treasured partner, and one who produces outstanding results. Her point of view on human performance, culture, and learning inspires and educates me. Visionary and coach, Shenita is a leader I would follow anywhere..”

Client Profile

mentoring, career coaching & design, resume review, consulting, personal branding

K. Gamel, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Veterans Administration

"My wife has been in higher education for many years and wanted to make a career change. She found Shenita and immediately made a connection! We hired her for coaching, mentoring, job search strategies, and resume redesign.

I was so impressed with the work she did that I asked her if she would look at my resume even though I thought I was happy with it already.

Shenita blew me away with her suggestions, edits, and reformatting. I'm so grateful for the work she did and am excited about the opportunities that will come as a result of her efforts.  

If you're looking for a true professional to guide and support career placement and/or advancement, Shenita is a top-notch professional and I give her my highest recommendation!

Much appreciated!"

Client Profile

HR leader mentoring, career coaching, value proposition

Reema Ghosh

Talent Acquisition Manager
Global Non-Profit Organization

"Shenita is the best type of coach! She listens, is curious and supportive in a way that gives me the confidence to continue to advance my career. Shenita is clearly knowledgeable about various aspects about Human Resources, DE&I and life in general and I am grateful for her encouragement. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you Shenita!"

Client Profile

HR leader mentoring, executive coaching, and strategy

J. Crowley, Ph.D.

Higher Education Executive
Regional Comprehensive University

"I have one word for Dr. Shenita Brokenburr - Admiration!
Shenita is a trend-setter with clarity in her vision; is adept in determining meaningful ways to develop colleagues in the human resources profession, and is an astute leader.
Her executive coaching and mentoring is award-winning and she has an uncanny ability to work through complex issues and provide recommendations by asking the right questions. She knows how to find a resolution that is sustainable.
During the past four years, I have also had the opportunity, on a national level, to observe her presence in front of human resource professionals from very affluent universities – Dr. Brokenburr is inspirational with creative insight and direction that guides meaning and performance.
She has a talent that is truly amazing and is as enterprising as she is a woman of distinction.

Client Profile

consulting, public speaking, professional portfolio & biographical sketch, promotional materials, LinkedIn Profile refresh

S. Robins, Ph.D.

Executive and Community Advocate
Corporate Workforce Solutions

"I came to Shenita with a unique situation. I needed to begin developing my professional brand and wanted a biographical sketch and professional portfolio. Shenita developed several high-end visually appealing marketing pieces.


She also designed a creative backdrop for my LinkedIn profile and refreshed the look and feel -- consistent across all online platforms.  She helped me choose the most effective wording to accurately describe my brand, my work and my personal mission. She put all this together in no time! She listened to what I wanted and translated that into a branding strategy. She is very creative and talented with an eye for what is visually appealing and virtually effective.

Shenita created a consistent look across my online brand. 

​Shenita is phenomenal at what she does creatively and very effective as an executive coach!  

Highly recommend!"

Client Profile

HR leader mentoring, career coaching and planning and interview preparation 

Monique Williams

Director of People and Culture

Global Non-profit Organization

"Dr. Brokenburr's impressive background coupled with her direct, solutions-focused coaching style has allowed me to realize my comprehensive contributions and successes throughout my 24 year HR business career. 

Bridge Braintrust, LLC offers action oriented methodologies and customized solutions that help both individuals and teams to integrate leadership skills, productivity and strategic team engagement strategies to achieve measurable results. As the visionary behind 'Braintrust', Dr. Brokenburr designs solutions and strategies that meet people and organizations where they are and she understands that no one size fits all.  She's a evolutionary leader in DEIB."

Client Profile

executive coaching, interview preparation, personal branding, resume development

Dr. K. McNeil 

Marketing Expert, Professor, Entrepreneur

"I came to Bridge Braintrust and Dr. Brokenburr for help in my job search. Our work together helped build my confidence and skills to handle myself in interview situations. I better understand the interview process at the executive level and the skills needed in the C-Suite.

Shenita taught me how to properly articulate my skills in relation to job postings; and how to focus on the requirements and develop my own personal value proposition.

We did several exercises that help me clarify my personal values, deal breakers in the job search and the rules of the game. She helped me understand the difference between wants and needs at work -- and the importance of a company's culture.


​Shenita is relatable and can work with a variety of individuals and groups. I enjoyed working with her!"

Client Profile

career coaching, strategic positioning, personal branding, LinkedIn profile

A. Smith, Ed.S.

Retired Principal + STEM Expert
K-12 Educator, Independent Consultant

"I highly recommend Shenita! I was referred to Shenita and Bridge Braintrust LLC by a trusted friend and colleague. As a retired school principal, educator, and now independent consultant, it is important for me to have an updated CV and materials that properly showcase my background, education, and experience.


Shenita was easy to work with; she took the time to get to know me, understand my goals and identify the main audience for my materials. She then personalized and packaged my background, skills, and experience as a subject matter expert in education, a consultant, and a retired principal and brought my brand to life!  If you need a CV revised, consulting on your personal brand, or coaching, Shenita can do it for you…with excellence!"

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